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Kami adalah Introducing Broker yang ditunjuk oleh AGEA untuk wilayah Indonesia sejak tahun 2007. Kami telah berhasil membantu banyak trader forex yang ingin daftar di AGEA, Deposit AGEA, Withdraw AGEA dan bantuan lainnya.

AGEA adalah nama baru dari Marketiva, jadi jika anda baca artikel di website ini dan menemukan Marketiva artinya itu sama saja dengan AGEA.

Keuntungan trading forex di AGEA :
1. Bonus $5 cash, yang bisa langsung digunakan untuk live trading!
2. Bebas Komisi
3. Bebas Bunga (0% Overnight Interest)
4. Real Time Quotes, Charts and News
5. Bisa Hedging/Lock (lindung nilai)
6. Modal Bebas dan Tanpa Initial Deposit
7. Jarak (Spread) Sell/Buy yang rendah
8. Bisa Trailing Stop
9. Jarak Stop atau Limit kurang dari 2 pips
10. Tersedia fasilitas otomatis order maupun untuk manual order
11. Contract Size bebas dan fleksibel
12. Fasilitas Chat dan Diskusi online
13.Mudah digunakan dan tidak rumit
14. Free Trading Signals
15. Layanan Live Support 24 jam (support bahasa indonesia)
16. Legal dan Aman
Dan lain-lain...

Sebelum mendaftar, silahkan anda kirim email dulu ke untuk mendapatkan kode kupon yang diperlukan untuk proses pendaftaran. Kami akan membimbing anda melaui email yang akan kami balas tersebut.

The Principles You Need To Know Before Joining Forex Trading

The Principles You Need To Know Before Joining Forex Trading

Surely you are interested by now to invest and trade in the foreign exchange, or at least interested to know how it can work to give you fast money. There are some fundamental principles on forex that can distinguish between successful traders and the ones that fails. Some people might be too excited to enter forex but has overlooked on these things.

Forex trading is about investment, not a steady income. You need to set a realistic expectation. In trading, you can gain your initial capital in a year. However, during that time, you may experience zero profits in a consecutive period of months. Thus, even a fulltime forex trader cannot ensure gaining a consistent amount of return every month. Forex trading does not give you a salary. To join the forex, you must be prepared to have another fixed source of income. This is to save you from any regret and back you up in case you experience heavy losses. Do not ever use borrowed money in forex trading investments.

The Forex market is unpredictable. Since it is solely directed by a vast number of traders, political events and the economy, it is never possible to easily forecast the pattern and manner of the market movements. You may get some information from the technical and fundamental analysis to help you make decisions. But making a right decision and knowing the right time to buy and to sell only depends on speculation. Predictions can only be made based on past performances. What you need to prepare is knowledge and always follow the country’s national news on current issues.

In any form of trading, particularly the forex, the way to gain profits is by making money that is enough to cover your losses in trading, and keeping up extra profits to enhance your capital. In other words, allowing your profitable trades gain you more and cover your losses in advance.

One of the most important forex principles is to trade based on a tested system. To follow a more knowledgeable approach in trading is to use rule systems that have been reinforced and tested on market data. This means that even before you enter the forex market, the decisions in trading have already been made. The good thing is that it saves time and reduces stresses in your way of trading.

Usually, forex beginners would always neglect a very important aspect in any trading system. That is employing a sound money management strategy. Following this would allow traders to thoroughly put to use their capital and to make progress of their money as quickly as possible and at the same time, covering them from any extreme losses.

Over the long term, the world’s rates of forex is driven by fundamental economic principles. However, over the short term, these fundamental economic principles would have little effect. Therefore, it is not dependable to be used for making decisions in daytrading. Economic announcements may give an intense effect on the markets. In a matter of hours, it could cause major movements. Therefore, forex starters ignore them at their peril.

Literally, there are abundant of forex companies offering trading signals and trading recommendations. It may be beneficial to get to know them, but the information can be too much for beginners that lead to confusion and stress. Stay to your own system and trade subsequently.

Trading forex di Marketiva dan dapatkan bonus $5 segeralah daftar di Marketiva


Cara Cepat Trading AGEA

1. Daftar di AGEA
2. Verifikasi Data Diri = Scan KTP
3. Download Streamster AGEA
4. Daftar Fasapay
5. Login Marketiva dengan Streamster
6. Anda sudah dapat Trading Forex Marketiva!!

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